Michigan Travel Baseball

11U Team Tryouts and Looking for Player Notices

NOTE TO PLAYERS: MTB recommends that you contact the team prior to the scheduled tryout. Dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time. Informing a team of your interest allows them to contact you in case of any changes. Good luck!

A player's league age is determined by the player's age on April 30.

Avery's All-Stars 11U
City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF
Contact:Nick Crivella
Team Info:We have started fall practices already. We will start twice a week indoor practices in December and going till March or when the weather gets warm.

We will be playing in an indoor league at Oakland Yard. As for summer we will play in NOBF and 4-6 tournaments including 1 out of state.

We offer professional coaching and one of our goals is to prepare the kids for high school baseball.
Tryout Notes:We will be doing tryouts upon request. We are looking for 2 players to finish our 11 man roster.

Capital City Cobras 11U
City/Area:Lansing Area   
Contact:Andrew Metzmaker
Team Info:We are a competitive travel team looking for committed players and families. League and tournament play. 5-7 tournaments with 1 or maybe 2 being overnight.
Tryout Notes:Tryouts will be held October 25, 2014 from 5-6 pm. Cost is $8 per player to cover the cost of turf rental.
Individual assessments can be arranged if a player is interested but unable to attend. The location is Capital City Baseball Kingdom, 2000 Gary Avenue, Lansing

Eastside Niners Red 11U
City/Area:Macomb League:MABF
Contact:Bryan Duryee
Team Info:Primary goal of our team is to provide a competitive and fun atmosphere that allows for success at the high school level.

We compete in MABF and participate in 3-5 tournaments, some of which will require weekend stay. We begin off-season training in November and provide professional instruction.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2 players, travel/tournament experience is given priority, however, is not required.

Fremont 11U
Contact:Mark Baden
Team Info:looking for a extend playing season. We only had 9 regular season games.

Just want more diamond experience for our kids. Want our kids to see some good clean fun competitive baseball with a good learning experience.

Any college athletes that could assist or come to some practices.

Grossi Baseball 11U
City/Area:Genesee County League:GFBL
Contact:Coach Rich McAdams
Team Info:Grossi Baseball has had a long and storied tradition in Michigan Youth Baseball.

Many players from the Grossi program have risen to stardom not only in the collegiate ranks but as standout stars in the Major Leagues.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 2-3 players to fill roster. Contact Coach Rich McAdams for private tryouts.

Lakeshore Warriors 11U
City/Area:West Michigan   
Contact:Barry Favier
Team Info:The Lakeshore Warriors Baseball Club is looking for serious local athletes for the 2015 season.

Our mission is to provide an affordable opportunity for baseball players to compete at a high level, in a Christ-centered environment.

The Warriors Baseball Club will have teams at nine levels (9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U) during the 2015 season.

As a member of the Lakeshore Warriors, you will compete in at least 30 to 40 games across West Michigan.
Tryout Notes:If you are interested in trying out please find the details on our website, www.lakeshorewarriors.com.

Lincoln Railsplitters 11U
City/Area:Ypsilanti Township League:KVBSA
Contact:Terry Dangerfield
Team Info:The Lincoln Railsplitter 11U team is looking for 2 advanced players for the 2015 season.

We will play 15-20 games with the KVBSA league and participate in 2-3 tournaments. We practice and play home games in Ypsilanti Township.
Tryout Notes:We are in need of solid outfielders and/or utility players. However, all players will be given opportunities for pitching, and infield.
Please contact Coach Terry Dangerfield for a tryout and more information.

Livingston Elite 11U
City/Area:Wixom / Hartland League:KVBSA
Contact:Michael Butler
Team Info:We will play in KVBSA this year and will play in 4- 7 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 3 players - any position.

Michigan Bulldogs 11U
City/Area:Livonia League:KVBSA
Contact:Derrick Herr
Team Info:We will participate in KVBSA league and play teams from Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. We will also participate in weekend tournaments throughout the state.

The team expects to play a league game schedule plus 24 tournaments for a total of 30 40 games starting in April and playing through the end of July.

Player development is our main focus as we believe we are preparing our young players to play at the highest level.
Tryout Notes:Private tryouts available on request.

Michigan Stealth 11U
Contact:Vince DeMatteo
Team Info:We are continuing to build competitive teams that will learn and grow while having fun playing the great games of baseball and softball.

Our coaching staff teaches the fundamentals of baseball and softball, physical fitness with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and teamwork.

We want our players to carry themselves in a professional manner on and off the field and always preparing them for the next level.

We will be training this winter and playing 18 to league games. The Stealth will also be playing in 8 to 10 Tournaments in Michigan and Ohio area.
Tryout Notes:Looking for a few players to round out our team for 2015. We are looking for a pitcher and catcher and Outfielder.

Motor City Snipers 11U
City/Area:Livonia League:KVBSA
Contact:Donna Banks
Team Info:The 11u Snipers are a second year team with a core group of boys who give their all EVERY time they step on the field. We are based in the Livonia/Westland area.

We compete in a fall ball league and then start indoor conditioning in January.

We will compete in approx. 20 regular season games, as well as 4-5 weekend tournaments (Such as The Detroit Tigers Hometown Tournament).

We offer a variety of fundraising to keep costs affordable.
Tryout Notes:We are looking for a couple of key players to complete our 12 man (person) roster.
Private Tryouts Available - Please contact us to set up a convenient time.

Northville Broncos 11U
City/Area:Northville Area League:KVBSA
Contact:Matt Corriveau
248 921 2004
Tryout Notes:Visit website for tryout details.

Oakland Indians 11U
City/Area:Oakland County League:NOBF
Contact:Bingo Lizotte
Team Info:Oakland Indians are based out of West Bloomfield and are looking to add 1 player to their roster.We are currently sitting at 10 players and looking to only take 11.

We will be playing 3 fall tournaments September and October. We will start our winter training the 1st week of January in Waterford.

We will be playing in winter dome league this year. For spring / summer season we will play in the NOBF as well as 4-6 tournaments.
Tryout Notes:Looking for 1 player to fill out our roster. We will only carry 11 players on this team which will allow players more playing time.
If interested please contact Bingo.

Oxford Wildcats White 11U
City/Area:Oxford, North Oakland County League:NOBF
Contact:Jason Snow
Team Info:Established NOBF Oxford Wildcats White 11U looking to acquire 1-2 PROVEN players with past fed-ball experience.

Pitching experience REQUIRED and must have powerful batting abilities to round out are already strong roster. Will hold private tryout sessions to evaluate players strengths and capabilities.
Tryout Notes:Looking to acquire 1-2 proven past Fed-ball athletes to complete our current roster for the 2015 season.
Successful, strong pitching experience and skills a must. Along with consistent batting capabilities.
Contact Jason at 248-563-9911 or email jsnow2@live.com to set up immediate private tryouts. Only private 1-on-1 tryouts.

South Farmington Blues 11U
City/Area:Southwest Oakland County, Northwest Wayne County League:KVBSA
Contact:Chris Weaks
Team Info:The Blues are a talented group of players who enjoy not only playing the game but hanging out with each other as well. We are competitive team.

We are back to back KVBSA division champs and have won several tournaments. We plan to continue league play and participate in at least 4 competitive tournaments in the upcoming season.

Our coaching staff focus's on player mechanics and strives to improve each players mental and physical approach to the game.

Our goal is to have players respect themselves, each other and the wonderful game baseball and to have fun in the process.
Tryout Notes:Optional tryouts by request and no later than August 19th.

Titans Baseball 11U
City/Area:Oakland County   
Contact:Todd Turner
Team Info:The primary objective of the Titans program is to prepare young players for the high school level and beyond. The team will play tournaments only.

The competition for a high school roster spot is intense and our goal is to see each player in our program in a high school uniform.

We are looking for kids that are dedicated and are willing to work hard.
Tryout Notes:Please contact us for a private tryout.

Tryout Schedule:

Ypsilanti Elite 11U
City/Area:Wayne/Washtenaw Counties League:KVBSA
Contact:Amby Wilbanks
Team Info:We are a young and growing organization but our coaches have proven themselves at the high school, state and travel levels.

Our staff believes in coaching each players' individual strengths and needs -- not just offering a 'one-size fits all' approach to the game.

ALL players will be trained to pitch and play the positions they love while learning the finer points of the game.

We plan on playing 15-20 games in the KVBSA and 3-5 tournaments

We also offer the most flexible payment plans and best prices in the league -- with more equipment and team gear than just about anyone!

We are looking for players who hustle from the time they hit the parking lot to the last pitch of the game!
Tryout Notes:We have three openings remaining and are looking for players that love the game and can't wait to get to the ballpark! Tryouts are available upon request.